Bishul Goyim

74. Bishul Goyim

Bishul Akum, or more correctly Bishul Goyim, is the Halacha that one is not allowed to eat something a goy cooks for them or something that a goy cooks for themselves. Food cooked by a goy is forbidden, unless it is food that can be eaten raw or food that is Eino Oileh al Shulchon Melochim, food that is not suitable to go on a king’s table. When a goy uses our utensils and cooks food for themselves or for us, if it is such food to which the prohibition of Bishul Goyim applies, the utensils ordinarily need to be kashered. In a case where there is a goy working in a Jewish home, one should make sure that a Jew turns on the flame or puts the food on the fire, so that a Jew has some involvement in the cooking. In the event that a Shifcha Beveis Yisroel, a maid working in a Jewish person’s home, has cooked, and there is a question about whether the utensils need to be kashered, in some instances there are aspects of leniencies and a Rov should be consulted.

Practical Halacha: One minute a day. By Horav Yosef Yeshaya Braun, shlita, Mara D'asra and member of the Badatz of Crown Heights.